Sunday, 27 September 2015

Hey hello!

Hey, what's up hello. Fancy seeing you around this little deserted part of the internet. It's been such a long time since I've found the words {and the time} to sit down and pour my heart out into a post. I can't really explain why it's taken me so long to get back into blogging. For the last three years planning, taking shots and posting what I loved on my blog was such a big part of my life and to not have been able to do that over the last eight months has broken my heart. It's not like I just jumped ship and never wanted to set foot over on amygrace ever again; its more like life and definitely uni, just all piled up and got in the way of something that made my soul happy. I kept thinking- next week I'll write that catchup post but then an assignment would come up and then work and so eventually my poor little blog was left all on its own with just one post for all of two-thousand and fifteen! But now I'm back, happier than ever and ready to start sharing my life with you all over again :) So if you'll forgive me for being away, pretty please with a cherry on top stick around and see all the adventures that life is about to bring - I can't wait to share them all with you!!!

lots of love,

Monday, 12 January 2015

Welcome to 2015!

Man how fast did those last few weeks go? The older I get the faster the days fly by; can we just freeze time now please! Looking back over the past 365 days plus a few more from this year, I can't help but feel so thankful for all the amazing times i've had this year. I've met some seriously awesome people, had lots of crazy adventures and finally found some sense of what I want from my life! If you were around this time last year I wrote a post on what my 2014 goals were (If you wanna read about that check it out here!),  which weren't your average new years resolutions but more along the lines of read, blog and smile more, plus learn french and for the first year in a long time I managed to do most of those goals! I read pretty much every week- except for the three month's it took me to read The Luminaries, that was a flippin huge book! Blogging was a bit hit and miss, I was pretty proud of a few months there were I was in the groove but then exam stress hit and all hope was lost. I'm hoping this year will flow more smoothly fingers crossed!!! I also smiled a lot this year, i can't even begin to start counting how many fits of laughter I found myself in this year. Smiling is good for the soul don't forget! And lastly there was that learning french thing; that didn't even begin to happen- maybe this year i'll get around to it! 

And now for this years goals!!

Start a Veggie Patch

Alright this ones pretty lame but when I used to live back at home my mum had a fully stocked herb and veggie garden going on in the back yard. There was nothing better than being able to just pop out the back and pick your produce fresh from the garden. Also herbs cost a bucket load, why on earth do we pay so much for something that is so easy to grow ourselves?! So with that in mind I'm heading off to bunnings to get lost in the shelves of basil, mint and all things herby. 

Be more positive

I'm no debbie downer 24/7 but I've found that sometimes the negatives of a situation are first to come to mind but sometimes the good things in life are harder to see. I really want to have more positive and happy vibes flowing round my life! I'm not entirely sure yet how i'm planning on making this one work but i'm going to start with complaining less, maybe that'll work! Are there any other suggestions floating around? 

Take More Photos

In a world where social media is king and we can snap amazing photos so easily with our phones, why do I manage to have twenty thousand photos of my brunch and hardly any of the gorgeous people I spent it with? Whenever I head out with my camera theres always a specific shot in mind like I need to get this shot for a blog post or I really need another photo of the sunset for instagram- definite sarcasm there, my insta definitely doesn't need any more photos of the sky!!. Sometimes taking photos can feel like a chore, an almost scripted chain of events that will always end with the same sort of shots that I always take, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but somethings gotta give. 2015 will be the year of snapping shots of the people who bless my life, the adventures that I find myself on and all the goodness that comes in between.

Theres so many more things that i'm hoping to do this year; spend more time in the kitchen, drink more tea, learn french, start a market stall and spend more time at the beach but we'll be here for hours. Here's to an incredible two thousand and fifteen, fingers and toes crossed we all breeze through our resolutions! 

Lots of love,

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

One Great Big Rambly Catch-Up !



Aloha, Welcome back to my slice of the internet! If your an old friend, how i've missed you all; and if your new- the warmest of welcomes to you :) If you've flicked back a few post's I mentioned that I'd have to be taking a break from my blog for a short while, 31 days to be precise, to focus myself on University exams and just sorting my life out in general. Little did I know that a short break was going to take me away from the keyboard for over eight weeks! But before I put all that into the past lets have a quick catchup of whats been going on in my world for the last few months.

// Uni // has been over for four-ish weeks now, and I can't even begin to explain the relief that washed over me as I walked out of that last exam. I'm far from a model student and the studying side of uni has been a massive learning curve for me- the practical side i've got down pat but sitting in a lecture for three hours or spending my friday nights locked up in the library does my head in. Having said that I probably don't apply myself as much as I could- in the words of almost every single teacher I ever had! 

// Party Party! // Exactly six days after my final exam I turned the big Twenty-One- quick someone chuck a pensioners card this way. My dad actually turned 50 {if anyones getting that pensioners card it him} two days before me so a party was definitely on the cards. I was adamant on having the party at my home in Sydney so after lots of sweet talking and the promise of long sunny days in paradise I managed to con my entire family to fly up- it's quiet obviously the logical thing here. Airfares for 1 vs   the entire family. Good job Amy.  Given that the party was planned in less than a week it turned out brilliantly, lots of laughs, homemade pizza and good times. Plus the recently renovated bath from our old bathroom that conveniently sat in the front garden all week waiting to get to the skip bin ended up spray painted gold and sitting in the garden bed full of drinks. It's actually still there and I have a feeling it's not going to be moving for a while ha!! 

// Family Time // Since my fam had a few extra days after the party before they jetted of back home we decided to do the whole 'Sydney' experience. Nursing sore heads the day after celebrating we made our way down to Wollongong. I don't know if this is actually a major iconic place for them to visit but it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet for me, so any excuse to go down for a visit. The day was super overcast and I actually had to wear a jumper it was that cold but I find gloomy weather like that almost comforting and romantic. After stopping at Stanwell Tops, which on a good day can look incredible, we ventured off in search of coffee. We ended up in that cafe that overlooks the Bulli rock pool, the coffee was okay but the view made up for everything and the rock pool looked almost inviting with the thick, grey storm clouds rolling over top. We also made it into the city for one action packed day. Instead of the usual spots to visit, which would have well and truly bored my family to bits, we decided to split up and half went art gallery hopping throughout The Rocks while the rest of us went to the Fish Markets. Now you've probably just spat your cuppa onto your screen thinking why on earth would anyone want to go hang out around the docks and walk out stinking like a fish punt? And normally I'd agree with you- if it learnt for how incredible it actually was to see all the fresh seafood that was there. It was seriously amazing! We ended up sitting on a dodgy old bench overlooking the water eating fresh prawns that would put anything from wollies to shame. 

// The hunt for the perfect Christmas tree // Okay i've got a confession to make- I never knew there was such thing as Christmas tree farms until two weeks ago. Who would have thought there was a place where there are rows upon rows of pine trees just waiting for you to chop them down. Crazy stuff!! With the spirit of christmas within us and armed with a sad looking hand saw we pick out the biggest  tree we could find and started sawing it down. Sawing it down is a giant overstatement, five minutes of vigorous swinging this dangerous contraption around we were about three centimetres into what seemed like a never ending stump. We were eventually saved by a smart man armed with a chainsaw who must have either felt extremely sorry for us or just wanted to shut our winging up. Im betting on the second one there. Another thing I learnt that day; Pine trees are very heavy. Like really, really heavy and hard to drag. We must have had everyone around us in stitches of laughter because we looked hilarious! We did eventually manage to get it into the house and have it decorated, it's possibly a bit big for the room but that's the whole point right?! 

// Tassie // And after all that rambling I'm finally up to now. I made it home for christmas which was a quiet affair this year, just nine of us and whole lotta turkey. It was bliss and just what we all needed after an intense few months. I couldn't be happier to be back on my little Island. It's incredible to see what I used to take for granted every day, I mean seriously where else in the world in your major city right on the docks and you turn around and theres a breath taking mountain right behind you? It may get a little boring at times but as much as I love the hustle of Sydney I think that deep down i'll always end up back in good ole' Tasmania. 

Right- thats the cut off point, my teas gone cold and my brains starting to forget how to spell, thank the lord for spellcheckers hey! I hope all you lovelies had a christmas full of love and laughter and are getting ready to tide in the new year with fresh starts and lots of champagne. 

Lots of Love,

A x

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Long Time No See.

Wow, long time no see hey. It makes me sad that my poor little blog has been left to wither away on the internet all by its lonesome. I really don't want to make excuses because it's nobodies fault but mine and the university of western sydney- thank you very much for giving me more assignments than humanly possible to complete in a semester; Which is actually the real reason that i've left you all in the lurch for so long! As much as I don't like to admit it Uni definitely has to come before blogging :( If I were a super organised person I could probably squeeze everything in, but i'm not that kind of person. Im one of those people who has a 2000 word prac report due in three days time and i'll decided to go on a road trip (See above photos! Definitely better than the library) or i'll have an essay due in 12 hours but still manage to find time to watch six episodes of Great British Bake-off! Thats just the kind of person that I am. So What i'm trying to say is that the next four weeks until my exams are over its going to be pretty quiet 'round here, all my waking moments will be spent practising my cranial nerves and memorising functional groups of chemicals. Oh the joys of science hey! So i've got precisely 31 days plus a few for recovery and then we'll be back and at em' Wish me luck ;)